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Secure IT solutions for a more secure environment

Relax, sit back and let AVS fix your mac. AVS offers pay as you go, monthly or yearly support. Don't let your computer problems slow your business down, get it fixed now at a very reasonable price. Choose one of our packages to suit your requirements...

IT Solutions Contract

Telephone, remote & fast onsite

AVS contract gives you telephone support and
cheaper onsite visits. Virtual support lets us connect immediately, to fix your problems by connecting to your computer via the internet.
If that doesn't fix the issue, we will get a technician out to you as soon as possible.

IT Solutions Ad-Hoc

Telephone & onsite

Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm

AD-HOC is a pay as you go service which provides seamless telephone & onsite support.

Our Story

AVS offer a wide range of support and consultancy services to our clients

Our Vision

We provide expert guidance and solutions including troubleshooting and repair services


We specialise in most equipment types, but we primarily focus on Mac products

Who are we

What we do

Server Solutions

In a multimedia environment removable media back-up is a must have, especially for large files. AVS will consult and plan a back-up solution tailored to meet your businesses needs.

Remote Support

Remote support enables our technicians to take control of your machine. By connecting remotely we can resolve your problem quickly & efficiently via the internet, without the need of an on-site visit. A benefit of connecting remotely is that our technicians can see the problem first hand and users can demonstrate the problems they are having.  


We also offer data recovery services, including the retrieval of Hard drive & RAID 0, 1, 5 data.

How it works
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Let's talk

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Tel: +44 (0)20 3096 6977

20-22 Wenlock Road,

London, W1 7GU

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