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Cloud back up
for servers

AVS cloud backup for servers lets you decide what works best for your organisation. With AVS you can back up automatically or to a schedule, including monthly, weekly, daily, or even throughout the day.

What do you want?
AVS delivers

We understand that your data is valuable and critical to your organisation, but we also understand that you want the backup to be as easy as possible. AVS server backup is a complete backup solution that’s scalable to meet the demands of your business today and into the future.

AVS service is like having your own in-house IT support technicians without the overheads. Available anytime for any issue. Responding virtually to solve problems immediately or on site to relieve the stress.

When it comes to server backup solutions, it really doesn’t matter what bells and whistles are included if those bells and whistles don’t meet your needs. AVS cloud server backup provides the data protection you need, including for:


  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Linux

  • Network-attached storage (NAS)

  • Common business applications on Windows Server

  • Mac OS Server

What about security?

One crash on one computer could prove costly across your whole business - Your accounts, your images, your designs, your back-up - how much are they worth to you?​

Whether you’re backing up one server or many servers, if the information isn’t properly protected. With AVS cloud server backup, your data is protected with processes and procedures that meet or exceed industry standards. But what does that mean? It means enterprise-grade security. It means encryption. AVS server backup solution uses the highest grade encryption available to ensure that your data is safe and secure on servers, during transit to the cloud, and in our data centers.

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